Should Athletes Be Jumping on the new Biggest Social Media Marketing Platform Snapchat

A few years ago when Snapchat surfaced in the social media world, no one really saw the potential and influence that the program would have in today’s marketing world. The fact that a picture is sent and only lasts for a few seconds before it disappears might not seem to be the best strategy for gathering a large fan base, however, it has been found to make a perfect social media platform for sports, especially during live events.

lebron-snapchatThe New Orleans Saints were the first NFL team to get on board with Snapchat and no one really thought anything would come of it, yet here in 2016 now 30 of the 32 professional football teams are gotten accounts. This makes it easier for social media managers and marketers to share photos and footage live with their fans, and it makes it easier for them to connect and feel right there with the team. In addition to that, it’s important for all big brands and sports teams to participate with every social media platform that they can in order to stay with the younger generation and be able to reach more users across the globe.

Another benefit that Snapchat brings to the table when it comes to keeping people updated on what’s going on with the if favorite teams is the fact that they can be in touch while fans are on the go. Not everyone has the luxury of staying home with ESPN on in the background as they go about their days, so Snapchat is helping those big sports plays get delivered to their users no matter where they are. Even if the images disappear within a matter of a few seconds later, it is around long enough to get viewers attention and that is what is most important.

Who knows what the future of Snapchat will bring, but what’s obvious is the fact that the world is quickly turning into a very modern place that needs to keep up with the pace of the latest social media trends and programs.

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Anthony Fernandez

Anthony is the Owner of Athlete Brand Management. Anthony has led and executed successful athlete marketing campaigns that have led to increase in endorsements, sponsorships, speaking engagements, partnerships and appearances.

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