At Athlete Brand Management we provide athletes and companies with marketing services and concepts along with integrated marketing campaigns that include advertising, public relations and in-store designs. Each Marketing Campaign is unique as we gear our Branding and Marketing Services to the athletes career, personality and unique traits in order to maximize their appeal to companies as well as to gauge the athletes brand-ability.

Based on that analysis, we can gear our strategy to appeal to certain companies that are looking to expand their brand image and brand recognition into new or existing markets. A perfect example of a marketing campaign that benefited the athlete as well as the company is the recent partnership between Carmelo Anthony and Got Chocolate Milk. We recently wrote an article expanding on how this translated into a match made in heaven: Carmelo Anthony Partnering with Got Chocolate Milk for a Live Chat via Got Chocolate Milk’s Facebook Page.

Both of these parties mutually were able to benefit from the partnership as Carmelo reached a market he normally would never interact with and on the flip side Got Chocolate Milk attracted a new market as well as new audience. The most empowering part of this partnership is both parties utilized and leveraged social media to not only gather the fans, but to also continually maintain their interest by forcing them to “Like” The Got Chocolate Facebook Page in order to interact with Carmelo Anthony.

This is a brief example how we would work with your client on utilizing Social Media along with Marketing in order to expand their brand. Here is a brief look at our marketing services and campaigns:

Our campaigns involve a full range of customizable services including:

  • Personal Brand Development
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • Copywriting
  • Digital PR
  • Video Content Creation and Distribution
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Sponsorship Strategies
  • Media Relations
  • Insights
  • Event Marketing
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce

Athlete Website Design: 

Professional Athlete WebsitesWe work with Athletes and their Management team on a professional, user-friendly website. This allows the Athlete to have establish or further expand their “Web Presence”. We offer athletes of all ages – amateur and professional, complete website design, development, and management packages. Athlete websites provide fans, sponsors and potential endorsers an exclusive snap shot at the career and story of the athlete.

A compelling story combined with talent can not only make for a great story, but a great Athlete Website. This combination can lead to potential sponsors, endorsements, and athlete appearances. These websites also provide viewers game footage, inside look at their road to success and insight on their upbringing.

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