10 Stats to know for Super Bowl 50

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With the big landmark game for the Super Bowl coming up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, ESPN decided to look up a few facts on the event. Here are some interesting blurbs about this year’s Super Bowl, as it’s bound to go down in history being the 50th anniversary of one of America’s favorite games.

1. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton were both first picks in their NFL drafts, and this will be the first Super Bowl where two number one’s go up against each other. In addition to that, this will also be the biggest age gaps between Super Bowl game quarterbacks, as Manning and Newton are over 13 years apart.

2. One of the Broncos offensive linemen, Evan Mathis, is the only player in this year’s event that has played on both teams participating. Originally he was drafted to the Panthers in the 2005 draft, and now he plays for Denver.

3. This is going to be the Broncos’ eighth time at the big game, which now ties the record for a team’s repeated appearance at the Super Bowl. The other teams who have made it to the final game are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots.

4. The 50th Super Bowl is going to be the fourth appearance for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. However, each time he made it to the big game he was playing under four different coaches.

5. Before this year, John Elway was the oldest quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl game at age 28 and 217 days. Peyton Manning is going to surpass that record, because on game day he will officially be age 39 years and 320 days.

6. Peyton Manning is the first NFL quarterback in history to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl. In the past, only three other quarterbacks have made it with different teams, but only totalling in two.

7. Only thirteen teams in the NFL have never won a Super Bowl, and the Carolina Panthers is one of them. They have had only one other Super Bowl appearance which happened in 2004, but they lost out to the New England Patriots with a score of 32-29.

8. Other than Cam Newton, only three other quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy, get drafted as a first overall pick, and make an appearance at the Super Bowl.

9. This is the third consecutive year where the top seeds from each division made it to the Super Bowl.

10. This year’s Super Bowl will only be the second time that Peyton Manning and Cam Newton have played each other in their careers, and the Broncos beat the Panthers with a score of 36-14.

Athlete Branding 101: James Harden Lands Endorsement With Trolli Candy

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Houston Rockets James Harden has recently signed on to be a brand ambassador for the Trolli Candy company. Trolli’s slogan is “Weirdly Awesome”, and due to the fact that Harden likes to take the path less traveled with a lot of things, they found this to be a great partnership to pursue. The head of brand strategy at Ferarra/Trolli Jill Manchester spoke out and said that their candy is about “celebrating uniqueness in all of us”, and the fact that they are a little offbeat too is one of the initial reasons they knew that Harden would be a great fit. Manchester also commented that Harden’s energy and overall persona is what they feel is a true representation of Trolli. Everyone on board is convinced that the basketball player is going to be a key component in pushing the brand to the next level and it should be a fun venture for everyone involved.

The Los Angeles, California native was named a McDonald’s All-American player during his high school years, and he continued with his athletic talents by attending Arizona State University where he played for two years. Harden entered the 2009 NBA Draft and was selected as the 3rd overall pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, with whom he stayed with for three seasons before signing on with the Houston Rockets in 2012. In addition to that, he is an American Olympian and has represented the United States in the 2012 London Olympic games where he and the team brought home the gold. Harden also traveled with Team USA to the 2014 World Cup of Basketball Games in Spain where they won the gold medal as well. The four-time NBA All-Star continues to be one of the biggest names in the NBA right now and is known for his wacky, fun personality and iconic beard.

Candy lovers can expect to see Harden in Trolli advertisements in the near future, and it should give the brand the boost that they have worked so hard to achieve.

Car Brands Turn to Celebrities For Their Super Bowl Ads

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It’s been found that when a television audience sees a celebrity in a commercial, they don’t really think much of it unless that big name appears to be having a honest and genuine time with the product they are endorsing. That is what the automaker Mini believes, so they went the extra mile this year to find celebrities who have had a relationship or experience with their vehicles to help them creatively make a commercial that is due to be shown during the 50th Super Bowl coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Celebrities Into Super Bowl AdsThe strategy is a logical one, because most people like to believe that the actors and actresses in a promotional advert are honest reaction to what they’re selling. In this year’s commercial, Mini went ahead and recruited six well-known faces to be in their commercial- Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, Harvey Keitel, T-Pain, and Randy Johnson.

The 30-second clip is going to feature the six celebrities in a way that people will be excited to see them having fun with driving the Mini instead of down to business at work. The main goal of this commercial is to kick off Mini’s six month campaign that will carry the theme of “Defy Labels”, because they are certain that once a person drives one of their cars, all of those assumptions and “labels” on the small car will be completely thrown out. Currently, Minis are thought to be feminine, cute, and delicate, but after this advertisement airs, the ad agency’s chief executive officer John Butler believes it will redefine the car’s image.

During the much anticipated Super Bowl 50, be sure to keep an eye out for Wambach, Williams, Hawk, Keiten, T-Pain, and Johnson cruising in style in their Minis.

Brand Hires Celebrity Donald Faison for Super Bowl Campaign

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For the fourth year, the Pepsi beverage company is going to be returning to the Super Bowl as one of the half-time sponsors. A couple of weeks ago, the company launched a new series of online videos called “Camp Halftime” that features weekly clips of actor and comedian Donald Faison who is shown teaching counselors about how to create a halftime show perfectly. These videos were created in partnership with The Kicker–Above Average’s sports comedy site and they are being released every Wednesday leading up to the big game on both YouTube and Pepsi.com as well.

The New York City comedian has been in several media works, but is best known for his role as Dr. Chris Turk in ABC’s hit comedy-drama show Scrubs. Before hitting the hospital wing of the set, Faison has smaller roles in shows such as Sesame Street, New York Undercover, Clueless, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In addition to that, he was in a few full length films too such as Disney’s Remember the Titans, Glory, Juice, Waiting to Exhale and New Jersey Drive. In both 2002 and 2004, Faison won BET’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series awards and was nominated several times for the Teens Choice Awards under the category of Choice TV Sidekick. These days he is working on a few additional projects and raising the six kids that he has at home.

Be sure to look out for Donald Faison in this year’s Super Bowl commercials, and check out the hilarious skits that come out weekly in preparation for the fun football event.

Personal Trainer Business Management Software

Guide My Body Unveils New Personal Training Business Management Software

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Its 2015 and many personal trainers are still dragging around pen and paper to log their clients progress and track their daily/weekly workout.

What a drag!

Fortunately for those personal trainers, Guide My Body has unveiled a solution for these fitness coaches by enabling them to take notes on their mobile device, tablet or desktop and have it all stored under the clients folder. Furthermore, this cloud based software also helps manage the business of the personal trainer with features like scheduling, billing, note taking, messaging, presenting availability online, interactive video session’s, automatic session reminders, client management and payment tracking.

The CEO and Founder of the software shared,

“This is truly an all-in-one solution for coaches and trainers. Fitness coaches and personal trainers can now manage their entire business with one application. Our revolutionary platform provides a turnkey solution for trainers to take notes, document client’s progress and the ability to conduct interactive video sessions on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. We are also the 1st business management application to drive new business with our online directory. This combination enables coaches and trainers to save time, drive new business, cut down on daily tasks, as well as see clients anytime, anywhere.”

Personal Trainer Online Directory

The software only gets better as they recognized that many personal trainers and fitness coaches suffer from high turnover, so their answer to that was an online directory that enables any potential client around the world to connect with them on a formal and professional platform.

So now trainers can direct clients and potential prospects to their online profile where those consumers can then book the trainer for a session (online or video).

Online Interactive Video Sessions

One of the biggest features we recognized that stood out among other Personal Trainer Business Management Software’s was the ability for Trainers or Coaches to have Interactive Video Sessions.

This allows competition prep coaches and even your local football skills coach to review footage or review the clients current condition via a formal, secure platform.

The Video Session ability is built-in and is not an additional for the client or for the trainer.

How does This impact Athletes and Team Sport Coaches?

Now athletes across the country can work with a trainer back in the states if they are playing overseas or if they happen to be traveling and have a fitness trainer they want to check in with, they can do so via Guide My Body. The trainer or coach has a formal place to share documents, manage the clients schedule and follow ups, a place to take notes that can be shared with the client and most importantly the ability to a video meeting so the session feels as though they were together in person.

This can truly revolutionize how coaches not only manage their schedule and business for local clients, but also for internal clients. Many athletes have left the states and gone overseas and the ability to have a “formal” place to meet. While Skype has been the solution for many of these baseball, basketball and football coaches, they can now use Guide My Body to have those same video sessions while at the same time they can utilize the software to manage their business.

We highly recommend coaches, athletes, trainers, yoga instructors and studios, competition bodybuilding and figure coaches, and fitness coaches or all kinds to check it out.

They offer Free 30 Day trials and the cost of the software after the trial is $80/month with no long term contracts. Sounds like a great deal especially if you can land new clients with their online directory.

for more information visit http://guidemybody.com/

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