Former NFL Player Chris Gronkowski Talks About the Power of Instagram

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Former NFL player Chris Gronkowski was recently approached by the Small Business Trends website to get his opinion on social media platforms, including Instagram. Over a short question and answer session, Gronkowski discussed his moderately brief time in the NFL and how he decided that entrepreneurship was right for him. During his talk, the former fullback explained that he couldn’t find any mixer bottles on the market that would keep his drink cold for an extended period of time, especially has a native of steamy Texas. In addition to that, he disliked the fact that many mixer bottles would carry the smell in the plastic from protein shakes. Gronkowski went on a quest to create the fitness person’s perfect mixer bottle, and that is what he has done. Now he is contemplating how to use social media accounts in order to pump up his product.

The Buffalo, New York native attended Williamsville North High School in Williamsville, New York, and that is where he became a three-time letter winner for both football and baseball. He ended up getting recruited to the University of Maryland but transferred to the University of Arizona during his sophomore year where he played as a linebacker. Even though he was expected to get picked in the 2010 NFL Draft, he went unselected and signed on with the Dallas Cowboys. Over the next three years, Gronkowski switched teams three times and became a part of the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers for brief amounts of time. He officially retired from the field in 2013 to pursue his own business.

Gronkowski recently did an interview with Small Business Trends and talked about how social media is really powerful for entrepreneurs, especially platforms like Instagram. Even though he hasn’t started using it yet, he is sure it will help him in the future with sales.

Wheaties: The Growth of Athlete Endorsements on Their Infamous Boxes

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For at least eight decades, the General Mills cereal brand has been known for showcasing the latest and hottest athletes to represent multiple sporting events on the front of their boxes. Just recently, an Olympic diving champion named Greg Louganis has been reported to be getting his turn on the front of the famous Wheaties Box for his accomplishments and gold medals that he earned in 1985. Given that society has changed its tune a little bit and evolved into a more open minded community, Louganis believes that his chance to represent the cereal brand was delayed due to the fact that he is a homosexual man, and that was a taboo topic during the 80s.


This lead to the question of how exactly General Mills chooses an athlete to have their image on the front of one of their boxes. Over the years there have been several gold medalists that participated in many different Olympic sports, yet it seems that only a select few actually get the opportunity. An HBS professor named Anita Elberse who has studied the strategies of marketing decisions for companies believes that they often opt to choose a person who does not have much reputational risk. For example, Mary Lou Retton was a champion ice skater who was still a teenager and was a great example for other young people. Whereas equally qualified athletes like Louganis who might be gay, could possibly deter customers from buying the product since society was very critical of that lifestyle during that time period.

At the end of the day, it seems that General Mills is trying to roll with the times and please its customers by choosing faces that society would openly accept all around. Since there were much different standards back in the 80s, it’s a great thing that we’re more open minded these days to include other athletes who live their lives a little differently.

Women Soccer Players Continue to Push For Equality, Finally Set to Score Olympic-Size Endorsements

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It’s no secret that men’s sports in general tend to gain more momentum and popularity than women’s do, however it’s needless to say that when it comes to soccer, the U.S. Women’s National Team is tough to beat. Last year they came home as the 2015 Women’s World Cup Champions while their male counterparts have failed to break much ice lately in their own careers. This team of women are also being even more respected for the things that they are attempting to accomplish off the field, as there is a distinct pay inequality when it comes to the two genders. Their complaints are being taken to an even higher level, as they have officially filled out the paperwork on the matter and delivered it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to fill in that gap between male athletes and females athletes wages.

Women Soccer Players Endorsements

It would be safe to say that probably the top five women on the USWNT are getting paid even higher than some of their lesser-known teammates. Athletes like Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd have made it to the top of the highest paid on the team. In addition to their salaries, many of them have been given great endorsement opportunities as brand ambassadors for highly respected companies throughout the country. With the summer Olympics coming up here in Rio, Brazil, there is a good chance that every member on the roster of the USWNT will have a chance to get paid for endorsements somewhere.

So it is needless to say that everyone who is a soccer fan is looking forward to seeing the Women on Team USA make some big strides for their country this summer in Brazil. Not only are these athletes fierce on the field, but they are also fierce off the pitch as they are working hard to ensure that females don’t get compensated any less than male athletes.

Should Athletes Be Jumping on the new Biggest Social Media Marketing Platform Snapchat

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A few years ago when Snapchat surfaced in the social media world, no one really saw the potential and influence that the program would have in today’s marketing world. The fact that a picture is sent and only lasts for a few seconds before it disappears might not seem to be the best strategy for gathering a large fan base, however, it has been found to make a perfect social media platform for sports, especially during live events.

lebron-snapchatThe New Orleans Saints were the first NFL team to get on board with Snapchat and no one really thought anything would come of it, yet here in 2016 now 30 of the 32 professional football teams are gotten accounts. This makes it easier for social media managers and marketers to share photos and footage live with their fans, and it makes it easier for them to connect and feel right there with the team. In addition to that, it’s important for all big brands and sports teams to participate with every social media platform that they can in order to stay with the younger generation and be able to reach more users across the globe.

Another benefit that Snapchat brings to the table when it comes to keeping people updated on what’s going on with the if favorite teams is the fact that they can be in touch while fans are on the go. Not everyone has the luxury of staying home with ESPN on in the background as they go about their days, so Snapchat is helping those big sports plays get delivered to their users no matter where they are. Even if the images disappear within a matter of a few seconds later, it is around long enough to get viewers attention and that is what is most important.

Who knows what the future of Snapchat will bring, but what’s obvious is the fact that the world is quickly turning into a very modern place that needs to keep up with the pace of the latest social media trends and programs.

10 Stats to know for Super Bowl 50

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With the big landmark game for the Super Bowl coming up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, ESPN decided to look up a few facts on the event. Here are some interesting blurbs about this year’s Super Bowl, as it’s bound to go down in history being the 50th anniversary of one of America’s favorite games.

1. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton were both first picks in their NFL drafts, and this will be the first Super Bowl where two number one’s go up against each other. In addition to that, this will also be the biggest age gaps between Super Bowl game quarterbacks, as Manning and Newton are over 13 years apart.

2. One of the Broncos offensive linemen, Evan Mathis, is the only player in this year’s event that has played on both teams participating. Originally he was drafted to the Panthers in the 2005 draft, and now he plays for Denver.

3. This is going to be the Broncos’ eighth time at the big game, which now ties the record for a team’s repeated appearance at the Super Bowl. The other teams who have made it to the final game are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots.

4. The 50th Super Bowl is going to be the fourth appearance for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. However, each time he made it to the big game he was playing under four different coaches.

5. Before this year, John Elway was the oldest quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl game at age 28 and 217 days. Peyton Manning is going to surpass that record, because on game day he will officially be age 39 years and 320 days.

6. Peyton Manning is the first NFL quarterback in history to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl. In the past, only three other quarterbacks have made it with different teams, but only totalling in two.

7. Only thirteen teams in the NFL have never won a Super Bowl, and the Carolina Panthers is one of them. They have had only one other Super Bowl appearance which happened in 2004, but they lost out to the New England Patriots with a score of 32-29.

8. Other than Cam Newton, only three other quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy, get drafted as a first overall pick, and make an appearance at the Super Bowl.

9. This is the third consecutive year where the top seeds from each division made it to the Super Bowl.

10. This year’s Super Bowl will only be the second time that Peyton Manning and Cam Newton have played each other in their careers, and the Broncos beat the Panthers with a score of 36-14.

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