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With athletes becoming the forefront of everyday news and the basis for many story lines, its critical their PR Team and Publicist have an Athlete Marketing Campaign in place to protect their image.

Below our team put together a basic start to an Athlete Marketing Campaign:


Lets talk about Approach. Many view Approach as a way of dealing with something, but here at Athlete Brand Management, we like to view it as a long term plan. The key to a good approach is to first recognize one self then incorporate RELIC. Many ask what is RELIC: Read, Engage, Listen, Interact, Converse.. Let us expand a little further on this strategy:


With social media, you have about 10-20 seconds of fame and most of this is done with “Reading”

Examples: Read tweets from your followers, Read hashtags, Read articles posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + by your friends, followers, connections, Read questions in LinkedIn groups. The more you stretch that 10-20 seconds of fame, more you start the relationship building process.


Engaging your audience proves to be one of the most challenging, but when done correctly, your audience can expand at an incredibly rapid pace.

For example, You just read a post, then engage with a question, response or simply a nice comment. Sound Simple? It is, but many forget to engage with a purpose and with substance. A great to engage is: to Follow them on Twitter or add them to a list. Also make sure to like their comment, their article, or their link. Engaging is the initial step of the conversation. You must engage and ignite.


Listening has become a HUGE part of the world we socialize in. Many of us have stopped watching or listening to the news and get all our latest intel from Social Media. P eoplemisinturrept the use ofthink using Social Media means tweeting or posting and not reading. WRONG!You must listen to “take the temperature” of what’s being talked about.Ttop for a second! Before and after leaving a comment on a blog or status or posting a hashtag on Twitter, research (listen) to what has been said.


  • This could be the most fun part of Social Media.
  • Social Media enables you to talk to people you would have never met.
  • If you are commenting on the same article on Google + or in the same group on LinkedIn, this is your chance to spark the interaction.
  • Using the same hashtag on Twitter or participating in a chat on Twitter as someone of interest to you?  Here’s your chance to spark it! Grow the relationship process by building through interaction.


  • Conversing isn’t tweeting back and forth. Conversing isn’t arguing on a Facebook post.
  • Conversing is real life conversation! Take it to e-mail, then to the phone, then make it personal and meet….yes IRL (in real life).
  • Meet the people you influence and meet those who influence you. Begin the conversation.

Companies. Organizations, Celebrities, and of course Athletes need to align their approach with their plan and separate themselves from the rest. A well thought out plan and approach can launch your company and brand to the top… So ask yourself, Do I have well thought out Plan and Approach? if not, Contact Athlete Brand Management 

Social Thinking

Another difference your plan can make is the consistency of Social Thinking within your company, organization, brand. Each company, client and customer that you associate yourself with is either in the social media game or would like to be. Social Media should be the additive in every discussion of a relationship (read: repeat business) based deal. Social Media and its platforms can offer leverage for both parties, it’s your approach and social thinking that make it unique. Do you believe you are thinking Socially now? 

Before Social Media platforms, it seemed as though everyone needed a PR firm. Now PR firms are using Social Media as an added bonus to their clients. You can add Online PR to your approach. Think about this for a second; In a “Google Me” world, your name will be google’d before you are granted an interview, a meeting, an e-mail response and yes even a Facebook friend request. Ask how you can make your “Google Me” presence better. 

Story Telling

Story Telling and “how you or they tell a story” is an advanced concept in Social Media. I’m a firm believer that every marketer has a delivery and a sale. The products also have a delivery and a sale. For instance, you receive a new polo shirt in the mail. Before you actually see, feel, wear the actual polo you will experience the delivery of it. The delivery can include the shipment, the e-mail receipt, the packaging.

Are you currently telling a story? 

Are you listening to their story?

Their story is just as important as your story. Remember this is a conversation! Their story can tell your story. Let me hear your story today!

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