Athlete Brand Management Partners with Sole Premise Shoe Bag

Athlete Brand Management for years has assisted athletes as well as athletic organizations with branding and marketing. Our team most recently partnered with Sole Premise Shoe Bag, an innovative travel bag that allows you to carry up to 5 pairs of shoes along with a laptop and your other travel essentials including clothes, socks, etc.

With all our athletes constantly on move, what a better product for these athletes to utilize especially as many of them have trouble traveling with your shoes. Not to mention, with athletes constantly needing to manage multiple pieces of luggage as they travel, they no longer will need to as the Sole Premise Bag will enable them to put their clothes, laptop and other items in this same bag!

For those wanting to learn more about the bag, take a look at their website or take a look at the video below.

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Anthony Fernandez

Anthony is the Owner of Athlete Brand Management. Anthony has led and executed successful athlete marketing campaigns that have led to increase in endorsements, sponsorships, speaking engagements, partnerships and appearances.

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