10 Stats to know for Super Bowl 50

With the big landmark game for the Super Bowl coming up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, ESPN decided to look up a few facts on the event. Here are some interesting blurbs about this year’s Super Bowl, as it’s bound to go down in history being the 50th anniversary of one of America’s favorite games.

1. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton were both first picks in their NFL drafts, and this will be the first Super Bowl where two number one’s go up against each other. In addition to that, this will also be the biggest age gaps between Super Bowl game quarterbacks, as Manning and Newton are over 13 years apart.

2. One of the Broncos offensive linemen, Evan Mathis, is the only player in this year’s event that has played on both teams participating. Originally he was drafted to the Panthers in the 2005 draft, and now he plays for Denver.

3. This is going to be the Broncos’ eighth time at the big game, which now ties the record for a team’s repeated appearance at the Super Bowl. The other teams who have made it to the final game are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots.

4. The 50th Super Bowl is going to be the fourth appearance for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. However, each time he made it to the big game he was playing under four different coaches.

5. Before this year, John Elway was the oldest quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl game at age 28 and 217 days. Peyton Manning is going to surpass that record, because on game day he will officially be age 39 years and 320 days.

6. Peyton Manning is the first NFL quarterback in history to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl. In the past, only three other quarterbacks have made it with different teams, but only totalling in two.

7. Only thirteen teams in the NFL have never won a Super Bowl, and the Carolina Panthers is one of them. They have had only one other Super Bowl appearance which happened in 2004, but they lost out to the New England Patriots with a score of 32-29.

8. Other than Cam Newton, only three other quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy, get drafted as a first overall pick, and make an appearance at the Super Bowl.

9. This is the third consecutive year where the top seeds from each division made it to the Super Bowl.

10. This year’s Super Bowl will only be the second time that Peyton Manning and Cam Newton have played each other in their careers, and the Broncos beat the Panthers with a score of 36-14.

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