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Athlete Marketing

A players “marketability” has often been overlooked by professional athletes and agents, but often this “attribute” is one of the most important elements to scoring endorsements, sponsors and partnerships.

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Athlete Branding

With the assistance of our marketing team that focuses on your image and how your branded to the public, a Player can become a shining example of how a professional athlete should appear before the public and media.

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Athlete Website Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good website is worth millions. We specialize in designing websites for retired and active athletes. Our Team can take your Brand and Marketing Strategy to the next level.

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Reputation Management

Off the field altercations can damage the image of an athlete, but with the right reputation management an athlete can recover from the media blitz. our team can help turn around your brand and image.

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Why Athlete Brand Management?

sports marketing firmAthlete Brand Management is a full service sports marketing firm that assists professional athletes with branding. Our athlete marketing services have led to increase in endorsements, sponsors, speaking engagements, partnerships and appearances.

Athlete Brand Management was founded by Anthony Fernandez in 2011. The Team at Athlete Brand Management has worked with athletes all over the world on developing and growing an athletes exposure with expanding with marketability. Athlete Brand Management have recognized the significance of being able to connect to your fans through social media, blogging, and viral marketing.

all-sportsAthlete Brand Management has recognized the shift in sports marketing and sports management in regards to athletes no longer just getting a sponsorship and an endorsement deal based on sheer talent. Many professional athletes are measured on how marketable they are as well as how their personality will mend with their organizations product and services. As an Athlete Marketing Firm, we work closely with these celebrities to ensure they are portrayed as a marketable figure. Our team has partnered with some of the top speaker booking agencies to assist with booking athletes for speaking engagements and appearances. Our growth and proven ability to book talent for events has allowed us to work with some of the top athlete speakers and top sports figures in the industry.

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Athlete Website Design

Athlete Marketing ServicesAs athletes begin to transition into the professional world, it’s important that team scouts, recruiters and potential endorsers have an ability to get you know your athlete. A website a perfect vehicle to deliver that information as well as provide your athlete with an image that will remind those companies they need to sign him/her! With athletes becoming the talk of every major network and blog, its important your athlete has a website that has controls to deliver a positive and professional message to counteract any negative press.

Furthermore, Athlete websites provide fans, sponsors and potential endorsers an exclusive snap shot at the career and story of the athlete. A compelling story combined with talent can not only make for a great story, but a great Athlete Website. This combination can lead to potential sponsors, endorsements, and athlete appearances. These websites also provide viewers game footage, inside look at their road to success and insight on their upbringing. >>Learn more about our Website Services

Professional Athlete Branding

Athlete BrandingBranding a Professional Athlete has often been overlooked by professionals athletes, but often this process is referred to as one of the most important elements to scoring endorsements, sponsors and partnerships. Too often we see players excel on the court, but fail to manage their lives off the big stage.

Many are remembered for doing the “Wrong” and over what they have done “right”. With the assistance of a marketing team that focuses on your image and how your branded to the public, a Professional Athlete can become a shining example of how a professional athlete should appear before the public and media.

Many Athletes have retired and have continued to be highly sought out for Television Commercials, Product Endorsement Deals, Advertising, Social Media Campaign, Autograph Session and Guest Appearances as they made sure to protect their image during their career and after their career. Learn More about Our Branding Services

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Bridging Companies with Athletes for Ad Marketing Campaigns

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